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In my humble opinion, this company does not protect customers that they have screwed over. Starting with the top Mr. Alan Fox the CEO does not return calls nor emails. The Customer Service Managers including Mr. TAL WILLLAMS are totally useless and condescending. They are a bunch of travel peddlers who once they hustle you to get your credit card number they charge them up and don't give you the time of day. Famous for bait and switch any time they get your card number they say one thing and charge another. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY DO NOT EARN THEIR COMMISSION, BOOK DIRECT WITH CRUISE LINE OR TOUR COMPANY.. YOU PAY THE SAME PRICE AND GET BETTER SERVICE.



Monetary Loss: $2200.

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I had a really hoirrble time finding a good nursing bra. For my first two babies I bought a Playtex nursing bra and hated it.

It made me look really frumpy and it was uncomfortable. I ended up wearing one of my regular underwire bras and pulled the strap down when I nursed. Throughout the pregnancy I went from a C to a DD so, for me, I preferred underwire.With my third baby I found a REALLY great bra on eBay. It is an underwire by Wacoal and was half the price.

They come in light pink or blue. I even wore them for several months after I quit nursing because I would forget it was a nursing bra. They are also really well constructed in that the part of the bra close to your body is like a regular cup w/a hole in the middle. The outer piece looks like a regular bra.

It also gave me more of a normal look than the weird look I seemed to get from other nursing bras that I found locally.These are half the price that you would find them for in the store, if you can find them in the stores close to you at all.If you want, or can go with, an underwire these are the best!Oh yeah, for this bra you may want to wait until you start regularly nursing to decide on what size to get.

You may very well get larger. If a store somewhere close by has Wacoal bras then you could go try a similar non-nursing style on to figure out what size to get on eBay.


Vacations to Go is the biggest scam going. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!

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