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Vacations To Go lies, cheats and steals from its customers. In trip out of Galveston, they misrepresented charges and refused to give any type of refund, (see other complaints about them at www.ripoffreport.com)

relating to this incident.

They stole from a rival cruise co by having one of their, VGT reps fraudulently collect emails from cruisers & then use this info to email blast these cruisers about their new division, emails never stop, once your on their email list, impossible to be removed. They then proceeded to copy directly policies of competitor, passing them off as their own. VGT offers preferred pricing to some of their customers not afforded to others. VGT service is poor, overpriced, you can book directly with ship for about $200.00 to $300.00 less than VGT.

Alan Fox CEO doesn't care about clients, never returns phone calls or emails.

Kari Lee, Cruise Director is incompetent, insensitive, uncaring, rude, offensive, boorish, and a disgrace to this co in particular and the Cruise Industry in general. Avoid this company at all costs.

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I have used Vacations to go for many, many vacations and they have always given me the best prices (I always compared) I have used them for years- I have even emailed Alan Fox on a few issues and recommendations well over a decade- he has ALWAYS responded to me. They are a great company and I will continue to use thewm for my vacations and I do not believe the negative allegations a couple of others have been making.

to janice #663188

I must say, I used Vacations to go a couple of years ago for a Disney vacation and it went perfect. No problems whatsoever. I would use them again...

Portland, Oregon, United States #610325

They are the biggest SCAM around!


I booked a trip with VTG in January, where the hotel where I was books had roaches, and when on safari the lodges lost power, two nights in a row. I miss my flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg because VGT book me on the wrong flight.

Also I made it very clear when booking this vacation, that I wanted not only to go to see the big five (big game animals) but to get some culture. After all, Africa greatest asset is it people, not its wildlife Well they could not offer any.

From miss flights, to 3 nights of power outages, no wi-fi, no cable, no air conditioning, nothing. And when you complaint to manager, it nothing is done.

I don't need to remind any of you the cost involve in going to Africa, VTG refunded only $700.00 for a trip that cost me well over $10k. Save your money do not book with Vacations to Go.


If you want to be away from kids then DO NOT go on a Disney cruise. There are ptnley of other alternatives on great cruise lines that offer more options and accommodations as good or better than Disney.

Disney has only two ships and thus your options for itineraries are very limited and prices on Disney tend to be higher.For an anniversary I recommend Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean or Holland America. Royal Caribbean tends to have families with kids but the other cruise lines have some but not as many kids. All of these cruise lines do have programs just for kids to keep them busy each day and special areas on ships where the kids hang out with professional staff persons to supervise them. Some have special water play areas on ships for kids with water slides and such.

The other way to have fewer kids is to cruise to Alaska, the Panama Canal, The Mediterranean, or New England/Canada. Also, cruises longer than 7 days usually do not have as many kids on board.

Vacations To Go Verified Representative

My name is Sorrell Warren and I am the Vice President of Customer Service at Vacations To Go. I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with your recent cruise. Like all travel agencies we do not set or control prices or refunds. Those policies are determined by the cruise line. I invite you to call Vacations To Go and ask for me. I will be happy to look into this and if we made any mistakes in booking your reservation I would like to assist you. If it is a cruise line policy I would like an opportunity to discuss that with you.

I can also assist you with getting off of our newsletter mailing. There seems to be a misunderstanding because we do not send emails to anyone that didn’t sign up for our newsletter and it is very simple to be removed. Also we do not copy policies of our competitors. In fact a passenger in our singles program wanted us to adopt an idea used by a competitor and we explained that we could not do that since another company was doing it first.

Alan does respond directly to most clients and when he is unavailable he asks me or one of our directors or managers to respond on his behalf. I apologize if we have neglected to respond to you in a timely manner. Likewise Kari is one of our directors and has been with Vacations To Go for ten years. She is highly regarded with our clients as well as management of the cruise lines. I would be happy to discuss ways you feel that Vacations To Go has failed you.

Finally, prices are set by the cruise lines and not by us. Often we have some of the best prices in the industry through groups and special promotions we sometimes negotiate with the cruise lines. At times cruise lines may restrict the lowest prices to seniors, the military, past passengers or other special groups but Vacations To Go does not offer special prices to anyone. I invite you and anyone else reading this to compare our prices as well as our excellent service to any of our competitors.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

to VacationsToGo_Cust_Svc #706407

I initially was interested in contacting you for details of your cheap cruises but am extremely disapointed in the reviews I have read on your disgraceful attitude and disregard to people who have trusted you and have been completely let down in their holiday plans. You appear to have an apalling reputation in the travel industry.

to VacationsToGo_Cust_Svc Miami, Florida, United States #730779

I recently booked a cruise with vacations to go....it was a total bait and switch!!! I am so upset!

No representative returned my call....they said they would! I paid at least $1000 above the price for the category of cabin! Scamers!! You should not be doing business!

All frequent cruisers should ban together to stop the rip off of numerous customers!

Vacations to Go...beware. We (honest consumers) are on to you and your total rip off-bait and switch ways!

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