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Signed up for their membership and got HEADACHES in return!

Their presentations are awesome ...... Their service SUCKS!

BIGGEST Liars, thieves....scam artists around!

Never sign up with these guys....you'll get screwed big time!

Can't believe anybody shut them down yet,Scam scam scam scam scam scam alert!

Vacations to go should be banned of doing business since all they do is lie and cheat!

They are really good at this game of lying and cheating people out of their money until you finally walk away from what you paid since you're fed up with their BS , lying and cheating you out of your money!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Austin, Texas, United States #1158077

I use Vacations To Go all the time and I know they have been around for decades, so I am thinking you are fake poster or competitor. Just for your knowledge, there are penalties for libel.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #869252

This Vacations to Go is sending me spam and I have gone through with a fine tooth comb and can't find how to unsubscribe - I am sure I never subscribed in the first place.

very worried as the internet is full of horror stories about them.

the positive stories appear contrived by their employees.

how to get off their list? Anyone know?


wow what a loozer. you can't shut down legitimate companies you dummy.

vacationstogo doesnt put on presentations.

sound like you got sucked into a timeshare. you deserve it


Sounds like somebody booked a cruise way in advance and watched as the sail date got closer and the cruiselines lowered their prices to fill up the rooms. Then couldn't get VTG to lower their price because they were inside the cancellation penalty period.. :cry :cry :cry


Booked cruises with them for over 20years, never , never had any problems with them.


I've used Vacation to Go many , many times, even had a problem once with room and call agent and the problem was solved immediately. I'd use them over and over again. That 800 number can be used everywhere.

Houston, Texas, United States #618242

Vacationstogo don't have any membership fees or cost anything to use you clearly don't know what you are talking about. I have used them for years and never had any issues, there are no dues or fees when you use them.

Houston, Texas, United States #610716
Vacations To Go Verified Representative

My name is Sorrell Warren and I am the Vice President of Customer Service at Vacations To Go. I regret that you had problems with your vacation planning but I am not sure what product you purchased or perhaps you may have us confused with another company.

Vacations To Go does not sell memberships nor do we make presentations. You can browse our best prices for cruises, resorts and tours on our website and then contact one of our travel counselors to purchase your vacation on the date you desire. We only sell travel packages through the largest most reputible cruise lines and resort and tour companies. Please contact me directly at 800-338-4962 and I will be happy to see if your trip is purchased through our company and assist you.

If not maybe I can help direct you to the company where you purchased a membership.

to vtgcs Montgomery, Alabama, United States #699405

Hello VP of VTG (Sorrell Warren),

I am impressed with your time reading people's negative/positive posts on different websites, and you take your time to response to person's negative post above.

I have been looking into Europe cruise on VTG website, and several ones are unbelievable cheap that I would jump on to buy the trip through VTG.

I have one question, since last minute cruises fare such as $599 for 10 days cruise in Europe/Meterriteran that sounds too good to be true, is there any hidden fees that would add up more to it ??

I hope to hear from you if you email me directly at Illeen.moore@gmailcom

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