I booked a cruise through vacations to go on the Queen Victoria from dec.21 2011 till jan 4 2012 Los Angeles-Hawaii-Los Angeles. I paid 5150$US for an inner cabin(the cheapest on the house)traveling alone.

On the boat people talked different items, between them, prices. I learnt on board that I was the person who paid MORE than anyone else. Examples: one lady from Germany, traveling alone, paid 4800$US with return airfare from Berlin included. A couple from Arizona on an oceanview cabin paid 3800$US.

When this last couple heard my price they said: ''sometimes it depends on the travel agent you use, we used vacations to go''. I answered: ''that's the same one I used'' with eyes wide-opened they replied: ''well, you've been overpriced''. I understand that hotels, planes and whatever, can have some price oscillations from day to day but I can't digest that it can oscillate more than 1300$US

I did contact vacationstogo and they gave cheap excuses and even added: ''if you feel so strongly about it we can offer you 5% off your next purchase''. After been ROBBED I was also INSULTED.

Forgive the expression but I simply answered: ''*** you thieves''. I think everybody should red this and beware from them and simply NEVER USE VACATIONS TO GO SERVICES

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Fake Poster- What kind of low rent trash asked people what they paid for something on vacation. "Bartender could you get me a margarita, and ask that lady what she paid for her ticket?".

Better yet how many people think the other person is going to say "I paid more than you did". I guess if it is real we know why you traveled ALONE.

Houston, Texas, United States #618241

Fake story. No one spends more than 5k without knowing exactly what they are paying for, enough with the fraudulent posts and clear exaggerations


Live and learn.

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