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In February 2008, I booked and paid for three cabins on a Holland America cruise Line with Vacations to Go (VTG) a year in advance.

Months later, VTG tells me that Holland America chartered the ship out and just credits our money back. We received a "too bad, so sorry...apology" and no other restitution. No useable credits from VTG or Holland America. Very poor customer service response for something that they could have prevented.

I have already paid for our airline tickets and will only be able to change our airline itinerary for a $100 fee per ticket.

I recently found out that Holland America chartered the ship MONTHS before I even booked my cruise with VTG - poor communication and updating on both Holland America and VTG parts.

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OK...haven't been a cruise for a long time, I can tell you the cruise line doesn't produce a confirmation number if a ship has been chartered.They may have started charter negotiations month prior, but it wasn't chartered when you book it.

There is NOTHING anyone can do about a ship being chartered. It is a reality that someone more important or has more money is going to come along and do something that affects you whether it be a politician closing the freeway so their motorcade can come through or a concert so popular it closes roads around you house.

Sorry but it's a fact of life, bleep happens.If you really wanted to go, you could've purchased a room from the people who chartered it since they resell the leftover rooms.


Here it is again!Somebody books a cruise and watches the price drop as the sail date gets closer and the cruiseline wants to fill up the boat and they want to get in on the lower price action..When they give you your confirmation they also give you the information about cancellation periods and penalties for changing your purchase agreement.

They were happy with the price when they booked. They should have never looked at the prices again after that. Unless of course they were still outside the penalty period and could make changes..We never discuss the price of our cruise when we get onboard because you will never find any two cruisers that paid the same thing.

We're just happy to be on a cruise!Happy sailing!


I will never ever use Vacations to Go again.this company has been a nightmare to deal with and has come up with every excuse not to honour their price drops.

they also have used the "blame game" excuse stating it was Carnival that would not honour the latest price drop. we have placed three calls to Vacations to go and every call has been them telling us that they won't honour the price drops. this cruise has left a rotten taste in my mouth and I regret using this company. the rep we dealt with has been downright ignorant on the phone and even hung up on my husband in mid call.

My husband was not rude and was trying to explain to the rep. That he called the wrong number, he was trying to call the people we are travelling with.

I have cruised before and went through a local travel agent who got us a better price and better perks with a different cruise line.(celebrity) and not one headache from start to finish and an amazing cruise!we have also used sell off vacations for all inclusive vacations and again no problems.


I have been using Vacation to Go for 20 years. Never, never had any problem with them.

Not everything is perfect in life and things do go wrong.

But I know Vacation to Go will try to make it right.


You don't have to take your travel agent's reotcmendaoimn regarding a travel insurance company.Go to insuremytrip.com they can compare rates, etc for a number of travel insurance companies. Just make sure that the benefits are similar enough to the policy your agent is proposing that you are making a valid comparison.I'm going on a 2-week Royal Caribbean cruise; my agent set up an insurance policy that covers not only the cruise (which I booked through her) but also the airfare and costs for the land-based vacation I'm taking before the cruise (I supplied her with the earlier start date as well as the additional costs I wanted covered, which came to about $800). The cost for my insurance was $144.


Ive booked 3 cruises thru them, never had a problem. Defiantly not a scam.


I have booked several times with Vacations To Go and I have one question about your experience, how is it the travel agents fault that someone chartered the entire ship. I would suggest you take your claim of any loss directly to the cruise lines themselves after all they did choose to charter a ship you had paid a deposit to be on. In My opinion.


VTG is a third-party agency, which means they DO NOT charge your credit card, the cruise line does. Therefore VTG does not "take your money".

As customers you also have a responsibility to confirm everything on the confirmation is correct, and to do so in a timely manner. Any errors (spelling, wrong cruise booked, etc.) can easily be corrected if caught early on. Most problems occur when people wait until the last minute to read over the confirmation (which provides everything in detail) and check-in online last minute. If the wrong date or ship is booked, wrong port, etc., this will be apparent if online check-in is done immediately, as directed by the agent at time of booking.

In my experience, if VTG is truly at fault for any errors, they go out of their way to make up for the mistake and OVER-compensate for it to make it right. For every "unhappy" client, there are hundreds of very satisfied, repeat clients.


I've had a similar experience as the orignal poster.I had booked and secured my vacation 3 months in advance, only to get a phone call a week prior to our departure stating we'd actually been booked on the wrong cruise.

They made attempts to put us on a new one, but forced us to pay additional fees. We had to leave from a different port as well, which messed up the flights I'd booked. The flights they arranged for us were horrendous, as we were travelling with a small child and there were long layovers, long airport waits, etc., and they didn't consult us in the least before booking us onto them. Lastly, the costs incurred due to their error cost us over 600 dollars (unexpected baggage fees from their chosen airline, transfers to/from airports that we would not have had to pay if our original cruise hadn't fallen through, time off work and school for us and our child because of the past-midnight arrival time on a Sunday).

I am planning to take them to small claims court, It's been two weeks and no reply whatsoever from these people about this situation. They had promised they'd provide transfers (the cruise came in to Miami, and yet they booked us out of Ft Lauderdale, 45 mins away). We find out when we're there that nope, there was nothing set up for us, that right there was a 70+ dollar cab fare.

Never using this company again.Horrid customer service and pathetically slow response times.


VTG,Rocks no better place to book a cruise!

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