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This company should NOT be allowed to exist as they function on false business practices. Constantly promoting deals IN WRITING and then claiming they can't actually deliver those promoted deal once you call them. BBB should get involved and shut them down! You should not be able to promote in writing "Great deals including bonus amenities of beverage package and pre paid gratuities at no extra... Read more

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Letter to Mr. Fox and Celebrity Celebrity Cruises My wife and I just returned from a month long trip to Fl. Part of that trip involved the Celebrity nine day cruise leaving Ft. Lauderdale on Nov. 28th. We were sailing with two other couples we hadn't seen in some time. Much to our surprise, and discomfort, we were sailing with ~1500 *** men; and we extremely uncomfortable to say the least. ... Read more

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A friend and I booked a 25 day cruise through VTG and all seemed well. The cruise line was Holland American (HAL) and have no complaints there. Our itinerary indicated the cruise ended in Istanbul and there was only one day stop. This should have been a red flag but it wasn't Usually in a big port like that there is a 2 day stay. I purchased the airfare about 2 weeks later and we were flying... Read more

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Viking is wonderful! Horrible, horrible experience with Berenice and Jay from Vacations to Go. The list of complaints we have with Vacations to Go is so long, but I'll address only one. We were told we could use Viking's transfers to our cruise ship as long as we used Viking Air. Months after we booked our vacation, we were told we could not use Viking's transfer to the cruise ship because we... Read more

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I booked a cruise and 4 days later there was an $800.00 reduction. Vacations to Go refused to make any adjustment. They could have at least given me an on board credit. I cruise 2 months a year but I will never use V to G again. V to G says it is the cruise companies (Holland Am) policy and of course HA says it is V to G's policy. Guess the bottom line is neither company is willing to make an... Read more

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A word to the wise before booking with Vacationstogo. I have used Vacationstogo for over 10 years on the whole they're reliable. The one word of caution is do not book prior to 60 days before your cruise. Prices usually drop substantially and they don't protect you if you've booked early. We booked with them and the price dropped 50% and we could've had a better cabin. Their chairman Fox stated... Read more

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Called in was quoted a price , 3 weeks later price went up 500. This wasn't anew room. It was adding a person to a existing room. Before all this happen ...asked several times if I could get a price for a all inclusive resort with out airfare. I had my owe air using miles. I was told several times that I would only be given a small amount off. Of cause not worth using my miles. At the point... Read more

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Their rates are not only not the lowest available, the are in some cases, higher than what one can get directly from the airlines. I have heard many negative reports about VTG and have first hand experience that some of their agents are less than pleasant when something goes wrong. I have no idea if they are as disreputable as they are reputed to be but my first experience with them is also my... Read more

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I had a friend go on a 10 day trip to Scotland then Ireland recently with another person, according to the itinerary the man had ff followed by numbers behind his name but his traveling companion did not have that behind hers. What does ff mean? Was this a result of a seminar or related to in order to get free tickets? I feel my friend was taken advantage of since she paid for two round trip... Read more

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Refunds!!! 8-15 days to get a full refund that was valid and approved. Ticket agent said 3-5 days - when it hadn't come in 6 I called back that's when I was told 8-15. Totally unacceptable! Will never use vacations to go again ! Read more

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